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Kevin Jourdain
18 Raymond Avenue
Holyoke, MA 01040
[email protected]dain.com

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Holyoke’s Fiscal Watchdog announces for Councilor At Large!

Dear Fellow Holyokers, I am very happy to report I am running again for Councilor At Large! Holyoke is presented with so many challenges and opportunities over the upcoming years my experience in state and municipal government is needed now more than ever. Our Holyoke can be a stronger and better place but a lot of hard work lies ahead if we are going to make that potential a reality.
Please join our campaign to ensure we have competent proven leadership rooted in common sense at City Hall. No one will work harder and more effectively for you. I would be honored to have 1 of your 6 votes for Councilor at Large!
Thank you, Kevin

Kevin helps lead 2019 effort to Successful
65% rejection of Largest Tax Increase in Holyoke History

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