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29 Years of Delivering Great Results for the People of Holyoke

Kevin Jourdain is someone all Holyokers can count on to deliver on the Issues they care about!

Major accomplishments as Water Commission Chairman

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Summary of Accomplishments on Holyoke City Council
1994 - 2017
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  1. 26 Years of City Council service to Holyoke residents.
  2. 100% attendance at Full Council Meetings
  3. 6 years as City Council President as elected by Colleagues.
  4. Excellent Record of Constituent Service and returning all phone calls
  5. Holyoke's Fiscal Watchdog:
    • 24 straight balanced budgets
    • Helped establish $13 million stabilization fund
    • A1 Bond Rating
    • Fights to keep property taxes and user fees reasonable.
  6. Co-authored Holyoke Receivership program to address abandoned properties throughout the city, get them cleaned up and back on the tax rolls with responsible owners.
  7. Always voted to support fully funding our public schools. Kevin is the parent of 3 Holyoke public school students.
  8. Created the Senior Tax Work off program and expanded it for Veterans (Valor Act) so they can provide valuable, low cost services to the city and earn credits on their property taxes.
  9. Helped build the following important city projects:
    • new Community Field
    • Rohan Park
    • Renovated Holyoke High
    • New Science Wing for Dean Vocational
    • Renovated Veterans' Park
    • Renovated City Hall and City Hall Annex
    • New Senior Center
    • New Library
    • New Police Station
    • New Pouliot City Pool
    • Acquisition of the Holyoke Dam
    • Built the Historic Pipeline to the Tighe-Carmody Reservoir which supplies all Holyoke drinking water today
    • 2 new fire stations including the new Fire Headquarters on High Street
    • Many millions in new sidewalk and road repair
    • Many millions for demolition of unsafe buildings
  10. Kevin has made sure our departments receive the equipment they need to do their jobs:
    • Millions in new police equipment, fire trucks and equipment, and DPW Trucks.
    • Kevin voted for $2 million in new radio system for Holyoke Police Department so we can keep our officers safe and in good communication.
  11. Kevin has been a champion of good government and an effective City Council
    • As President, changed the rules to allow for a Public Comment Period before all Council meetings.
    • Passed a Strong Ethics Ordinance for elected officials and city employees
    • Holds Department heads accountable for excellent results from their departments
    • 5pm Meeting Ordinance was passed which requires board meetings of city boards and commissions to be held at a time when the public can actually attend in order to keep to the spirit of the Open Meeting Law.
    • All City Council meetings now have minutes being taken and those minutes are being approved by the full membership on regular basis in full compliance with the Open Meeting Law.
  12. Holyoke representative to the T.J. O'Connor Animal Shelter for 3 years and built the new Animal Shelter located on Cottage Street in Springfield which serves Holyoke today.
  13. Former Holyoke representative to the Pioneer Valley Transit Authority Advisory Board to ensure Holyokers get quality service at the lowest possible bus fares