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Archive of News Over the Years

December 20, 2017:
Goodbyes given to Holyoke Council President Kevin Jourdain after 24 vocal years

December 12, 2017:
'No' says Holyoke Council to Mayor Alex Morse budget-balancing proposals

December 12, 2017:
Short-term loan seen likely to balance Holyoke budget after Council rejects Mayor Alex Morse's proposals

November 20, 2017:
Panhandling curbs face Holyoke City Council debate

September 13, 2017:
Minimalist approach to address panhandling considered in Holyoke

August 17, 2017:
'Making Holyoke into corporate drug dealer' says Council President Kevin Jourdain about Mayor Alex Morse on marijuana moratorium

June 6, 2017:
Holyoke city council discusses concern for dirty stray needles

June 6, 2017:
Barriers to panhandlers at traffic intersections OK'd by Holyoke Council

April 26, 2017:
OK of medical marijuana plan in Holyoke looks imminent as Councilors praise jobs

April 25, 2017:
'God bless City Council' debated as appropriate Holyoke meeting phrase

March 3, 2017:
'I admire his passion' Holyoke Mayor Alex Morse says of City Council President Kevin Jourdain

February 22, 2017:
Moratorium on recreational marijuana retailers sought in Holyoke

February 22, 2017:
City Council President Kevin Jourdain won't seek reelection after 24 years on Holyoke board, 6 as council leader

February 2, 2017:
Ward 6 neighborhood meeting set in Holyoke with Councilor Kevin Jourdain

November 22, 2016:
'Welcome to neighborhood' given to Pride gas station-store in Holyoke by Councilor Kevin Jourdain

December 6, 2016:
New tax rate coming in Holyoke Dec. 20 as city records 2 percent increase in average property value

November 7, 2016:
Holyoke Council opposes resolution regarding Election Day ballot Question 4 on marijuana legalization

October 26, 2016:
Clash on pot spurs presentations from Holyoke Mayor Alex Morse, Council President Kevin Jourdain

October 17, 2016:
Needle exchange reaffirmed in Holyoke with unanimous Board of Health vote

October 16, 2016:
'No on Question 5' forms in Holyoke to fight Community Preservation Act

October 10, 2016
Legalizing pot for recreation to form debate between Holyoke Mayor Alex Morse, Council President Kevin Jourdain

October 3, 2016:
$7.4 million worth of orders set for Holyoke Councilors' debate

September 28, 2016:
Say no to recreational use of marijuana says Holyoke Council President Kevin Jourdain

September 9, 2016:
'Disgrace' that Holyoke councilors filed needle exchange lawsuit: health board's Robert Mausel

September 8, 2016:
Needle exchange coming to re-authorization vote of Holyoke Board of Health; 'game over,' says Council President Kevin Jourdain

September 7, 2016:
Drone regulations approved 13-0 by Holyoke Council with fines for violations

September 7, 2016:
$270,205 to compensate property owner for Holyoke Essex House collapse sent to committee

September 7, 2016:
No sewer rate increase in Holyoke as Council says, collect overdues from deadbeats first

August 1, 2016:
Holyoke's Alex Morse becomes 1st Massachusetts mayor to support marijuana legalization ballot question

August 2, 2016:
No sewer rate increase in Holyoke as Council says, collect overdues from deadbeats first

August 1, 2016:
Auditor tells Holyoke Councilors to raise sewer rate now because they'll be 'reluctant' in 2017 election year

July 20, 2016:
New law targeting Holyoke sewer-bill deadbeats counted on to balance budget

July 14, 2016:
Court fights likely to persist over Holyoke needle exchange

July 12, 2016:
Needle exchange as 'monster' or 'compassion' fuels Holyoke dispute between Council President Kevin Jourdain, Mayor Alex Morse

July 11, 2016:
Needle exchange's future in Holyoke after today disputed by officials

May 3, 2016:
Diosdado Lopez chosen to fill Jennifer Chateauneuf vacancy on Holyoke Council

April 22, 2016:
Judge upholds order to close Holyoke needle exchange
- Read the Order -

April 18, 2016:
Holyoke officials balancing desire to pay workers fairly with taxpayers' limits

April 7, 2016:
Holyoke Ward 6 elected officials schedule meeting to discuss residents' concerns

April 5, 2016:
Holyoke Council President Kevin Jourdain criticizes Mayor Alex Morse on North Carolina executive order

March 18, 2016:
5 takeaways that emerged from tech-filled Holyoke Council meeting on regulating, taxing solar plans

Judge Rules Against Needle Exchange Program in Holyoke,
March 14, 2016

Dear Citizens of Holyoke,
I am so pleased to report that Judge Mason has ruled in favor of the Holyoke City Council on all counts. His memorandum and analysis is outstanding. His Order is exactly on point. In the long and illustrious history of the Holyoke City Council, the people’s legislature, this Decision will once again remind those who would seek to usurp our lawful authority that they will not get away with it, and we will stand vigilant to defend the authority given to us by the people of Holyoke from whom our authority flows.
Best regards, Kevin A. Jourdain
Holyoke needle exchange program ordered to close in absence of affirmative City Council vote

March 14, 2016:
Holyoke needle exchange program ordered to close in absence of affirmative City Council vote

March 14, 2016:
Judge's Ruling Against Needle Exchange Program in Holyoke

March 9, 2016:
Judge promises ruling in less than 2 weeks on Holyoke needle exchange program suit

March 9, 2016:
Holyoke Councilors drilling toward understanding whether proposed solar-tax deals benefit city, could be improved

February 23, 2016:
Holyoke Council overrides Mayor Alex Morse vetoes on property use by license, accepting state statutes

February 16, 2016:
Holyoke Council considers regulating drones, overriding mayor's vetoes

February 14, 2016:
Holyoke Councilors to other Councilors: 'Late' doesn't mean 'urgent'

February 11, 2016:
Holyoke Councilors work to restrict locations of solar 'eyesores'

February 11, 2016:
Holyoke Councilor Jen Chateauneuf demands Mayor Alex Morse oust cable board member over 'sexually threatening' Facebook posts

January 29, 2016:
Holyoke Councilors ask if any other budget surprises looming amid dwindling cash

January 20, 2016:
Holyoke budget problems surge with Fire Department miscalculation

January 19, 2016:
Holyoke owed $44,000 by Gandara Center, which still gets free notice on city website

January 19, 2016:
Holyoke Council considers hiring freeze, $225,000 for police OT

January 12, 2016:
Holyoke councilors debate balanced-budget order

January 12, 2016:
Holyoke officials trying to resolve clash about tax collector's office

January 6, 2016:
Holyoke Council proceeds with budget-balancing, hiring freeze debates

January 5, 2016:
Holyoke Council to discuss budget-balancing, hiring freeze

January 5, 2016:
Holyoke Council President Kevin Jourdain urges balanced budget, hiring freeze

Kevin re-elected as Council President by a vote of 14-1

"I thank my Colleagues for their vote of confidence. It is very much appreciated!"

Presidential Speech by City Council President Kevin Jourdain on the occasion of his Re-Election to his third term as Council President.
Inauguration Day January 4, 2016 In City Council Chambers, Holyoke City Hall
December 21, 2015:
Holyoke Council President Kevin Jourdain arranging meeting on dispute between mayor, tax collector

December 16, 2015:
Holyoke again considering storm water runoff fee

December 15, 2015:
Holyoke Council sets residential tax rate at $19.12, business rate at $39.86

December 15, 2015:
Holyoke officials urged to cut harmfully high business tax rate

December 6, 2015:
Holyoke Council to decide on cash, savings, cuts to plug $2.9 million deficit

December 2, 2015:
Holyoke Councilor Anthony Soto submits proposal to recall 4-year term officials

December 1, 2015:
Holyoke Mayor Alex Morse, Tax Collector David Guzman clash

November 26, 2015:
Holyoke Council Finance Committee recommends rejection of Mayor Alex Morse plan to use $700,000 from reserves to balance budget

November 26, 2015:
Holyoke officials face $2.9 million deficit, only $2.2 million in free cash, Dec. 31 deadline

November 12, 2015:
Holyoke Council President Kevin Jourdain eyes 1 more term as president

October 16, 2015:
Holyoke Councilors want Ethics Commission to evaluate Morse-Egan separation agreement

October 2, 2015:
Holyoke candidate Kevin Jourdain questions foe Juan Anderson-Burgos' residency, voting; Anderson-Burgos hits Jourdain's professionalism

August 5, 2015:
Holyoke binding ballot questions to change government taking shape

Holyoke Fiscal Watchdog Announces for Ward 6 City Councilor

Holyoke – City Council President Kevin A. Jourdain announced today that he will seek election to the Ward 6 City Council seat at the municipal election in 2015. Council President Jourdain was first elected to the City Council in 1993, and is currently serving in his 11th term on the City Council. He has been elected city-wide as a Councilor At Large in all of these elections. Council President Jourdain has been the highest vote recipient in each of the last two city elections, as well as, the top vote recipient in Ward 6. Council President Jourdain is currently serving in his second term as President of the City Council.
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“It has been an honor and pleasure to faithfully serve the people of Holyoke for the last 22 years on the City Council. I have been a champion for Holyoke’s working families and seniors during my entire tenure. As a homeowner and taxpayer in Ward 6, I am deeply committed to make sure that Ward 6 and the entire city receives the type of experienced and effective leadership it deserves,” Jourdain said. “With the announcement that current Ward 6 Councilor Todd McGee will not be running for re-election, I want to make sure the big void left by his absence is filled with someone who lives up to his high standards. I am up to the task, and look forward to continuing to offer the city top notch leadership that moves our great city forward,” Jourdain said.

As a veteran of the City Council and its current leader, no one could be a stronger voice than me for the post of Ward 6 City Councilor. As Holyoke’s proven Fiscal Watchdog, I have saved our city millions of dollars in waste, and government inefficiency. I have been a strong advocate to keep taxes and user fees down because I understand that many of our residents are living on a fixed income. “I have always tried to make sure every dollar sent to City Hall by our taxpayers is well spent,” Jourdain said.

Council President Jourdain has been a champion for millions of dollars in re-investments in Ward 6 from Community Field and Rohan Park to Holyoke High School to Sullivan School, as well as miles of roads and new sidewalks. I have fought for key priorities like our state of the art library and senior center. I have also made sure that we make important investments in public safety and have supported millions of dollars in police and fire services and equipment to keep our residents safe. I have always made sure my constituents receive the type of quality of life they deserve. Council President Jourdain is also highly focused on continuing to work hard on drawing new businesses and residents to our city through tax incentives, improving our schools, and improved public relations about our city.

“I have always provided top notch responsive constituent service and this will continue as Ward 6 Councilor.” As an energetic and passionate Councilor, I will now focus all of my energies to make sure the great people of Ward 6 and Ward 6 itself receive the effective leadership they expect. I have the skills and proven track record to get the job done.

I look forward to an energetic and vigorous campaign and I look forward to seeing all the voters of the Ward at their doors very soon so I can once again listen carefully to them directly on their needs and priorities for the betterment of the city. 2015 will be very exciting and I can’t wait to begin once again.

Council President Kevin Jourdain is a taxpayer and homeowner who resides at 18 Raymond Avenue with his wife Shari, and three children, Kevin Jr., Jacqueline, and Allison. Councilor Jourdain holds a Juris Doctor Magna Cum Laude from the Massachusetts School of Law at Andover, Master of Business Administration from Anna Maria College, and a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Economics from the University of Massachusetts-Amherst. He currently serves as Director of Managed Care for the Sisters of Providence Health System and also has his private own legal practice located in Holyoke.
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July 28, 2015:
Holyoke election filing deadline looms for mayor, Council, other seats

July 26, 2015:
Holyoke proposals for binding ballot questions getting state Senate reviews

July 16, 2015:
Holyoke officials hoping no big-spending surprises arise before fall

June 25, 2015:
Holyoke Council grants permits for $10 million Gary Rome Hyundai project

June 17, 2015:
Holyoke Council to get letters on YMCA, Morse-Egan separation agreement

June 4, 2015:
Holyoke Council President Kevin Jourdain nomination papers certified for Ward 6 bid

May 26, 2015:
Holyoke residents with private systems should be excluded from water runoff fees: Reader viewpoint

May 6, 2015:
Holyoke Council opts to let voters decide officials' terms

April 30, 2015:
Holyoke Council asks attorney general to investigate separation agreement

April 8, 2015:
Holyoke Council majority sides with Diocese arguments on Polish historic district issue

March 31, 2015:
Holyoke hearing on Gary Rome Hyundai plan questioned on city abutter notification

March 29, 2015:
Holyoke councilors to consider fluoridation, discarded needles, unstable buildings

March 29, 2015:
Holyoke councilors to consider fluoridation, discarded needles, unstable buildings

March 18, 2015:
Holyoke Council votes to seek attorney general investigation of separation agreement

March 6, 2015:
Holyoke City Council trudging along with government-changing steps

March 3, 2015:
Live reporting: Holyoke City Council debates government changes, Marcotte Ford tax incentives

March 3, 2015:
Holyoke Council to consider ballot questions to increase terms, change mayor to city manager

February 18, 2015:
Holyoke City Councilors' terms would increase to 4 years from 2, under proposal at least 1 councilor opposes

February 9, 2015:
Holyoke Council President Kevin Jourdain notes proposed changes would help, and in 2 cases be decided by, taxpayers

February 6, 2015:
Holyoke Council President Kevin Jourdain says name of former treasurer's office employee removed from city bank accounts

January 26, 2015:
Holyoke City Treasurer Jon Lumbra submits resignation effective Feb. 13

January 21, 2015:
Holyoke City Treasurer Jon Lumbra says he will resign by Feb. 14

January 20, 2015:
Holyoke Council opts against immediate slashing of Treasurer Jon Lumbra's pay by $50,000 with committee referral

January 19, 2015:
Holyoke Council to discuss slashing Treasurer Jon Lumbra's pay by $50,000

January 16, 2015:
Jourdain files ordinance to seal employment ‘loophole’

October 22, 2014:
Holyoke City Council wants report showing if elected, appointed officials owe taxes, utility bills

October 21, 2014:
Holyoke City Council sets closed-door session for updates on current and pending lawsuits

September 12, 2014:
Holyoke's deteriorated Essex House and $1.5 million needed to demolish forms dispute between Mayor Alex Morse, Council President Kevin Jourdain

August 28, 2014:
Holyoke City Council President Kevin Jourdain, Mayor Alex Morse clash over License Board appointment

August 13, 2014:
Holyoke councilors Rebecca Lisi, Gordon Alexander explain votes on Heather Egan issue while Jossie Valentin mum

August 10, 2014:
Holyoke Council wants more enforcement of upkeep and taxpaying rules, sends Essex House raze plan back to committee

July 29, 2014:
Holyoke councilors to resume writing rules to regulate use of municipal vehicles

June 23, 2014:
Holyoke budget reviews for city ($125.5 million) and schools ($90.5 million) and protest for Gus Morales on tap

June 20, 2014:
Holyoke council-mayor clash over $45,000 Heather Egan agreement yielded revelations amid the frustration

June 18, 2014:
Holyoke City Council strikes $45,000 blow 'for taxpayers' in response to Heather Egan payment; cuts $457,000 from budget

June 17, 2014:
Holyoke City Council will decide how much to cut from Mayor Alex Morse's proposed $125.5 million budget

June 13, 2014:
Holyoke councilors ask Mayor Alex Morse to lift 'veil of secrecy,' but Morse says councilors trying to goad city into liability

June 12, 2014:
Holyoke taxpayers kept in dark by city as released records fail to show why former solicitor Heather Egan got $45,000